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What About Dignity?

Most of our clients have never been through the indignities of being handcuffed by the police, stuffed into the back of a police car (with their hands handcuffed behind them!), walked into a jail, being made to submit a blood sample or give a breath test, and then placed into a jail cell for several hours with people who look like they belong there.  The case for which they called us was their first experience like this, and probably their last.  It is all extremely humiliating.

One of our clients recently told us, “I really appreciate your kindness,” and at that moment it sounded as if her voice broke, ever so slightly.  The night of her arrest was probably the absolute lowest point in her life.

We understand.  After having practiced DUI law for almost thirty years, we know that the plea bargains and dismissals we get for our clients will only go so far.  The greatest loss experienced by our clients is the humiliation they suffered when they were first arrested and manhandled by the police.  This trauma is something from which our clients will never fully recover.

For this reason, we treat our clients with the utmost respect, from the moment they first call us, until the very end of their case.  We also make sure that our clients attend as few court appearances as possible.  Many times, our clients will never need any of the court appearances that we appear for them.  We also keep our clients’ cases completely private, so that our clients’ employers, friends, and family members are not informed about their case unless and until our client wants us to.

We hope that we can help you through this horrible experience, so that someday this whole matter will be nothing but a bad memory.

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