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How To Get Sober Cover Kindle JPEGAlcohol addiction and binge drinking directly affect at least 20 million people nationwide. Most alcoholics think about recovery from alcohol addiction and getting sober and on-going sobriety as unattainable. Families and friends of alcoholics are also affected. The life of an alcoholic is pretty miserable, leading to loss of jobs, careers, relationships, marriages, and even leading to arrests for different criminal charges, many times driving under the influence.

In this book that guides alcoholics from booze to recovery, DUI attorney Tom Thurlow shares his knowledge and advice obtained after years of experience as an attorney of people accused of alcohol DUI or alcohol-related criminal charges, especially drunk driving. He emphasizes the urgency of recovery, and how alcoholism is a disease in many ways like other diseases, but at the same time different from other diseases. Thurlow points the way to various out-patient and residential recovery programs, especially Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and its twelve-step programs, that he has seen work.

Anyone who has an addiction to alcohol needs help, and this book gives advice on where to go, what to look for, and how to avoid various pitfalls along the way. The goal is a life free from the problems of alcohol addiction, but still aware of the possibility of relapse, and the vulnerabilities of a person with a weakness for alcohol. This helpful and informative book should be a part of the library of anyone addressing the issue of alcohol addiction, whether for themselves or for a friend or loved one.


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