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Wouldn’t it be great if your Napa DUI case could be handled without you ever having to go to court at all?

While this is essential for people arrested for DUI in Napa when they have just come here on vacation from out of state, it also removes a lot of stress to know that even a local Californian, or even someone living in the Napa area, will not need to go to court after they have been arrested for a DUI in Napa.

California Penal Code, section 977(a), allows a defendant to have an attorney appear in the defendant’s place at all times for a misdemeanor case, and for all court appearances after the initial arraignment in a felony case.

In any case, the judge may disallow this option, and in felony cases, often does.  But for misdemeanor cases, it is very rare when a judge will not allow an attorney to appear in the place of the defendant.

At Thurlow & Thurlow, we prefer to handle as much or our clients’ cases as possible in our clients’ absence.  In most of our cases, our client never sees the inside of a courthouse.

This means that we update our clients on the status of their case by telephone, e-mail, text, or letter.  The updates take more of our time, but we believe that the client is best served by an attorney appearing in court for the defendant.  (And in case you are wondering, the judge and prosecutor do not think less of an absentee defendant.)

There may be some situations where we believe the client should appear at the next court appearance.  In such a situation, we will notify our client.  And of course, the defendant has the right to attend any or all of their court appearances if they want.


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